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Our Features

The tests feature timed subjective (provide the answer) and objective (choose the answer) questions. Except for the subjective questions, the answers are scored automatically. After a reviewer scores the subjective responses, a test result summary is sent to the test-taker.

Simple and Flexible

Simple user panel with a variety of settings allows you to register for, take and review professional-level tests that are expertly reviewed.

Easy to Use

Specially designed online examination system that solves all your test-taking worries. The platform is easy to use with a smooth flow of steps.

Various Question Types

A variety of question types, including both subjective and objective, allows you to express your understanding for different needs and situations.

About Us

Allwrite Communications Inc. is an integrated media agency that provides publishing, advertising and related products through diverse digital channels and distribution outlets. We administer various tests, including a style test, to gauge the aptitude of our editors and writers. Those seeking to join our team must take one or more of these tests and pass them at a level that coincides with our editorial standards. Even those on our team must take periodic tests to demonstrate current knowledge.

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Welcome to Allwrite Communications' online testing portal for editing and writing certification. Here are the test-taking rules:

  • As a new user, you must register for the test online. Once you’ve registered, log-in to begin the test.
  • Read the directions. Failing to complete any part of any exercise will result in losing all points allotted.
  • You CANNOT copy and paste in this test.
  • You CANNOT return to a previous question once you have hit the “NEXT” button. If you accidently hit “NEXT” without answering the question, you must continue forward with the test. If you try to go back, you will be LOGGED OUT and unable to complete the test.
  • You CANNOT open another window or click away from the test while you are taking it. If you do, you will be LOGGED OUT and unable to complete the test.
  • You MUST complete the test in its entirety. If you fail to do so, we will not be able to grade your test.
  • Once you receive the link to the test via email, you have exactly 24 hours to complete it.
  • Once you begin to take the test online, you have one hour to finish it.
  • Tests must be taken without supplemental assistance of any kind. We use this test to determine strengths and weaknesses of our editors, so be honest.

Remember, this test can only be taken once per year.

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